Home NAS Solution

You know the drill, you working on something big, create a lot of useful notes, diagrams mind maps and than B-a-a-a-a-m. It is all gone, your hard drive failed, you lost all your work, go figure.

Or another case, again, you are up to something, you start at work create some files, and you get home, and ups, files are on your work notebook, you are tired to email stuff all the way around and you did not used sneaker net to carry them in our packet.

Clearly there must be a better way to manage and protect all that data you hamstered during the years. Sure you can use DropBox, Google Drive or other service but in that case you effectively giving all your data to these companies who god knows do with them.

These and other reasons led me to purchase a NAS solution for my home. I was looking for a solution that would be feature rich, power efficient and easy to manage. First I though I will put it together by myself from spare parts and base linux, but after some research I decided to go the commercial way.

I have chosen Synology Disk Station DS213j and after few months I must say it was an excellent choice. It is based on DSM5 operating system which very extensible through software packages. I did not measured the power consumption myself but according Synology this NAS consumes 3.65W at standby, and 19.82W at duty. The management part is also well executed, you have option to manage device itself via nice web GUI and there are also useful application for IOS to easily access your content.

DS213j has very sleek design.

For the actual hard drives I went with two Western Digital RED 3TB configured for Synology Hybrid RAID. This configuration provides 3 TB of protected storage. WD’s RED edition are optimized for small NAS deployments and they perform well so far.

WD’s REDs are cool for your home NAS

Overall, I am very glad that I moved to this solution. I am using it for backups, file sharing, file synchronization, video and audio streaming and VPN tunnel termination. I can even initiate a remote download through cool IOS app, and when I get home files are already available for streaming.


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