VCP-DCV Series Part 2: What is vSphere

I do not know why but each time someone mentions the word vSphere I remember on old movie with Dustin Hoffman called Sphere. Unfortunately for you I do not have a space craft that crashed to be examined, but still the VMware’s vSphere is also interesting.

vSphere is a collection of products from VMware that help you manage data center resources more efficiently. It aggregates common physical resources such as CPU, RAM and storage and presents tham as virtual resoures for applications to consume.


vSphere architecture

vSphere Editions

There are three different vSphere offerings, a higher edition contains all lower edition features and something on top.

  • vSphere Standard
  • vSphere Enterprise
  • vSphere Enterprise Plus

More information about editions and their pricing can be found here. For our lab purposes we are going to use 60-Day trial Enterprise Plus license for vCenter and ESXi hosts.

Addional Resources

If you are looking for good visio stencils that cover VMware products, head up to technodrone.

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