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Ending the password madness

Have you ever been thinking about how effective are your passwords? I mean, on one side of the ring is the approach to use different password on each web site and on the other side of the ring is the approach to use same complex password everywhere.

Not very good choices if you ask me. If you choose first, you end up having way to many passwords to remember, it becomes very cumbersome. If you choose second, with one very strong password, if one of the sites get compromised everything goes along.

This is password management

I went for something in the middle, one complex passwords to protect all random but complex passwords. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome password manager of the day 1Password.

1Password asking for master password

1Password asking for master password

I have been using this product for a long time and I must say, it is one of the best password managers that I have been using so far. It is simple and easy to use. It contains password generator, plugin to most popular web browsers and now seamless integration with your smartphone.

You have multiple ways how to synchronize the password DB with your phone. You can use iCloud, Dropbox or vuala your own WiFi. So your data will never (hopefully) leave your network. The setup is very straightforward.

First, configure client app for synchronization across local network, in Preferences/Sync.

You will need the 12 character code validate your smartphone

You will need the 12 character code to validate your smartphone

The, open you app and follow these steps to initiate and verify synchronization process.

1Password Sync on iPhone

1Password Sync on iPhone

If you encounter the following error during synchronization:

1Password Sync ErrorTry to restart your firewall and or stealth mode and make sure 1Password is allowed to receive connections.

Mac OS X FirewallI find the password generation feature so handy that I don’t even care what passwords get generated unless they are long and complex and stay protected.